SHORTWAVE is a pre-clinical stage biotech company focused on the development of IP-protected formulations and delivery methods of psychedelics-based medicine to treat mental illness, chronic pain and neuro degenerative diseases


Shortwave was created to address unmet medical needs of patients suffering from treatment resistant mental health and chronic conditions. Our goal is to develop psychedelics-based medicine utilizing the following means

Developing novel, IP-protected, patient-adherance enhancing drug delivery routes

Harnessing the entourage effect of psychedelic mushrooms

Devising clinical strategy that requires a relatively short regulatory process for approval


Shortwave has a patent pending for its novel formulations and delivery methods. Our formulations combine several active psychedelic compounds and indication-specific delivery routes. Our current program is targeting Anorexia Nervosa, a lethal disease with real, unmet need with a feasible and practical development plan.  Future programs will target chronic pain and neuro degenerative diseases. 



There are more active compounds besides Psilocybin which have been identified and studied. Research suggests that compounds have a synergistic influence which may impact onset, duration and nature of effect. Combining multiple compounds may create an entourage effect that is not present within single active ingredients. 



Shortwave’s development of novel drug delivery routes is aimed at maximizing biological activity while being cognizant of low tolerance threshold of psychedelic components. 

Our delivery methods overcome the known deficiencies of peroral (through the mouth) administration of drugs which may limit safety or efficacy. These deficiencies include the hepatic first-pass metabolism, longer onset of action and enzymatic degradation of drugs within the GI tract.

Our solutions represent a better alternative to unpalatable liquids, injections or tablets for those patients who have difficulty swallowing.

We focus on delivering clinical impact independent of treatment, thus improving patient adherence and minimizing dose-dependent side effects.

Finally ,we will enable controlled-release of drug for an extended period of time as well as customized release calculated to manage drug tolerance levels.


The company has identified several conditions in which the combination of its novel drug delivery routes, psilocybin-based formulations and a fast path to market give it a competitive edge.

Our approach to treatment with psychedelics-based medicine is dual –


High-dose, short-wave

We will introduce to psychedelics-assisted psychotherapy a novel delivery route and formulation developed for the treatment of treatment-resistant mental disorders.

Low-dose, Long-wave

We will harness the effect of psychedelic compounds for dealing with chronic pain by developing a micro-dose formulation and specialized delivery route. In recognition of the neurogenesis powers of psychedelics, our pipeline will also target neuro degenerative diseases.

1st product will target treatment resistant Anorexia Nervosa, an area of greatly unmet medical need.


Shortwave is aiming to rely on a short approval process to reach Phase 1/2a within less than 2 years for its first drug for anorexia nervosa.

Based on our novel drug delivery routes and drug formulations, testing and clinical validation, further indications will be pursued.

We will utilize existing FDA pathway for approval- 505(b)(2) and rely on existing data, supported by prior results and published literature.

By employing a fast CMC (Chemistry, Control and Manufacturing) process we will minimize time and simplify process to regulatory path to approval



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